Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting Dive Into Grey! Every day, I’m just simply amazed that someone wants to read something I wrote. I thought this would be the best chance to introduce myself. I’m Nadiah (cue: shy wave). Read on to find out what goes on in this head of mine.

Corporate marketer by day. Content creative by night. Travel addict always. You’ll find me on adventures, going wherever my wandering feet will take me. I’m on a relentless pursuit to test out new experiences and try out all that the world has to offer. This website was born out of my need to combine creative content and attractive aesthetic to weave stories that matter. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next travel destination or looking out for new ways to put your body to the test (read: fitness) or even seeking to develop yourself and grow as person, I hope you find something here. If not, drop me a message if you think of a new place to discover or something new for me to dip my toes in (besides the deep blue waters of the Bali beaches!). Are you ready to Dive Into Grey?

Dive Into Grey

Why Dive Into Grey?

Stepping into the unknown can be scary and nerve-wrecking. You may hesitate or take sometimes before you decide to go through with it. I chose the word “grey” to collectively represent all the unknown situations that we might face or put ourselves in. Life is short and there’s plenty to experience so I decided to drop my comfort zone altogether. This means intentionally putting myself out there and immersing myself in all of these experiences. The only way I could do that was to Dive Into Grey. This website serves as the first step for me to start this crazy adventure and also to share with more people about this journey and (hopefully) inspire them to do the same.